Welcome to my website! Here you will find the various services that I offer horse owners. I became a certified equine sports massage therapist in 2000. Over the years I have added additional equine body work services along with saddle fitting/flocking adjustments. I am an Arena, Bates and Wintec new saddle stockist as of 2019. You will find a variety of services to benefit both horse and rider. Follow through my website you will find a great deal about the saddles and my services. Please contact me with any inquiries that you may have! I look forward to serving you!


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Bates, Wintec , Arena saddles. See Equine Massage, K-Taping, Red Light Therapy & Saddle Fitting

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Flocking Adjustment, Bates Fitter See Equine Massage, K-Taping, Red Light Therapy & Saddle Fitting

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Jeanette Did an Amazing Job

Jeanette did an amazing job with saddle fitting my two horses. Very thorough, careful and attentive. The buying process was simple as well. I am very satisfied and would recommend to anyone. It’s also a huge bonus when your saddle fitter is your massage therapist and you can monitor the progress and saddle fit from multiple vantage points. 

Nicole Mauser-Storer

Your horse will love Jeanette!

Moxie loves his massages from Jeanette! He gives her all kinds of “cat stretches” to let her know what a great job she does. Jeanette is very knowledgeable about equine massage.

Kim Judson

Jeanette is fantastic!

I have had Jeanette massaging my horses for at least 15 years. She has always been able to help my horses and provide feedback on helpful exercises or other care she thought might benefit the horse. There is not anyone else out there that I would trust to massage my horse!

Shannon Marlewski

Jeanette is wonderful!

I love having Jeanette massage my horse. She spends a lot of time with him, attentive and focused on his areas of concern and his well-being. Jeanette always takes whatever time is needed and she provides feedback to me throughout each session, which I appreciate. Jeanette has reflocked my saddle as well, and takes the time needed to make sure it’s just right. Jeanette is a gem!

Anaise Berry

Jeanette is the Best

Jeanette has been massaging my horses for over 15 years! She is the best central Illinois has to offer. Over the years she has continued her education learned several other things to help your horse perform their best. Mine especially loves her myofacial and red light therapy! If you are looking for a massage therapist who cares for your horse and will spend the time to help them call Jeanette!

Jessica Marlewski

Jeanette Came to Massage My Horse Today…

Jeanette came to massage my horse today, and I am so glad she did! My horse has many problem areas that I was not aware of, and Jeanette worked hard to improve them. I realize this is just the beginning, but it is a beginning to a more healthy and happy horse. Fantastic! Thank you!

Karen Kohnke

Jeanette Helped Me

Jeanette helped me in a tough situation when my horse unexpectedly developed a dislike for my previous saddle. I had nothing to ride in and was ready to panic. But Jeanette worked quickly to get trial saddles and within 2 weeks I had found something. I settled on a Bates Innova and have been very happy with it. I was unsure about the Bates but the adjustability has been a huge plus and my horses back has been completely comfortable since the switch.

Carrie Taylor

In Just One Session…

Jeanette is wonderful and in just one session saw a huge difference in my mare. She’s very thorough and is very patient with my moody mare. She uses essential oils, tape and magic from her hands. If you have never used her you need to call and set up an appointment. You’re horse will love her!

Julie A. Graves

Jeanette is awesome!

Let me say first that I am 67 with bad hips and back! Plus I have an extremely difficult horse to fit a saddle to. I trail ride my big TWH and Jeanette made magic happen for both of us! My new Wintec stock Australian saddle is wonderful! Jeanette knowledge of saddle fit is going to allow us many hours of comfortable trail rides!

Charlene Marsh

horse friends

Jeanette did a great job helping us with our 3 horses! She is extremely knowledgeable with horses all around. She took the time to work with my daughter on making sure her saddle fit well and making sure our mare was comfortable with everything. Jeanette has massaged our 3 horses, helped with saddle fittings, and gave us referrals for magna wave therapy and chiropractic work. Thank you Jeanette. Danika Mclain

Danika Mclain